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Our Mission

Seek to emerge as the best manufacturer of Paints and Plastics products in Zimbabwe, whilst vying for opportunities, expanding resources, and standing up against the competition. Giving value to quality and helping employees & stakeholders the benefit of associating with Splash.

Our Vision

Offer a diverse range of Paint and Plastic products, meet requirements of Zimbabwean markets and beyond. Splash
Paints and Plastics will continue its research of new technologies to develop products that will always meet the ever-changing demand of clients.

Our Future

The recent restructuring of Splash Paints and Plastics and its relocation to more spacious Industrial premises, as well as its acquisition of new imported machinery, will lead the company towards better growth opportunities. Under the guidance of current management, Splash Paints & Plastics is keen to expand its business throughout the country and strengthen its entrepreneurial initiative, which is always a key factor of success.

Why Choose Us x

Professional Staff

We have expert staff who have been with Splash for 2 decades who produce excellent quality products

Environmentally Friendly

Well organised resources have helped in developing a range of products that are reuseable and recyclable

Global Standards

We have achieved global standards in terms of quality, service and performance


Our main main priority is focusing on new ideas and creativity rather than financial resources


Set up over 20 years ago we pride ourselves in developing fine quality products


Top-quality service and products available through more than 200 authorised dealers nationwide

Over 200 Authorised Dealers Nationwide