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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer the following product range: Paints, Powders, Adhesives, Solvents, Plumbing fittings, Electrical fittings, and Household Products.

Professional tinting services,

Splash HQ: 12 Hanover Road, Workington, Harare.

Please bring a physical colour sample of your colour of choice.

Contractors – 4 to 5 sq m per L

Interior/Exterior – 6 sq m per L

Wash & Shine – 6.5 sq m per L

Roof Paint – 7 sq m per L

Gloss Paint 6 sq m per L



Entry Level (Economy) Paint:

Contractors Paint (2 – 3 years)

Middle Range Paint

Interior/Exterior 5 years

Exterior 5 years

Gloss Paint 5 years

Eggshell 5 years

Top Range Paint

Wash & Shine 7 years

Roof Paint 7 years

– The PVC pipes are anti-corrosive & easy to install
– The above the ground pipes are UV resistant
– The electrical pipes can withstand heat
– Splash Paints & Plastics pipes can withstand 4.2 times their working pressure

– Underground pipes
– Above the ground pipes
– Sewage Drainage System pipes

Splash Paints & Plastics PVC pipes are colour coded as follows:

White – Above the ground pipes
Brown – Sewage pipes
Blue – PVC Irrigation pipes
Black – Poly pipes

Conduit pipes – 4m
PVC pipes – 6m
Poly pipes – 100m+

Available in 30m, 50m & 100m lengths, we do custom lengths for more than 100m

Class 6 withstands 6 bars of pressure while Class 10 withstands 10 bars of water pressure

Solvent cement is used to join the pipes

We manufacture gutter fittings & Plumbing fittings.