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Bonding Liquid


Splash Bonding Liquid is based on long oil alkyd resin and is supplied at a low viscosity to give it the penetrating and bonding properties. It is designed for use on friable and loosely bound plasters where it bonds the loose or under-bound materials to a hard impenetrable surface. It is also used on old loosely bound coatings such as distemper. It is compatible with alkyd and emulsion based topcoats.


Vehicle type: Long Oil Alkyd resin.

Solvent: White Spirit

Finish: N/A

Pigment type: It is non-pigmented

Theoretical coverage: 6 – 8 square metres per litre depending on surface porosity.

Colour range: Clear

Thinner: Supplied Ready For Use.

Drying time: Touch dry: 4 hrs at ambient temperatures and relative humidity.

Hard dry: 16 hours.

Shelf life: Splash Bonding Liquid is stable up to 24 months in sealed containers. Paint should not be left in partially filled containers to avoid formation of skin and subsequent gelling.

Pack size: 5 litres, 1 litre


Application method

Application is by brush or spraying.


Compatibility with other paints

Splash Bonding Liquid is compatible with alkyd and emulsion based paints.


Surface preparation

New and friable/porous Plaster

The surface is brushed with soft bristle brush and dusted off until all loosely bound materials are no longer present.

Old surface with loose and flaking materials

Previously painted surface with old and loose flaking paint, such as distemper, is thoroughly sanded down with coarse sand paper and dusted off. The sanding should be done until only strongly bound material is left.

Storage conditions

Paint should be stored in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight, heat and frost conditions. Tins should be kept tightly sealed to prevent skinning and gelling.